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Our fully customizable configurations can grow and evolve with your business - simply add modules as needed.

All of our modules can operate independently, or be integrated with other EVENT modules, giving you total control over your personalized solution.


Software Modules

Meeting all your financial and business management requirements, our fully-customizable configurations allow you to mix and match to suit your unique company needs.


Manage trucker payables, equipment maintenance, sub contractors, and scale house operations. Details


Provides flexible control for cash management and the orderly payment of bills. Details


Process leases, tenants, units, properties, work orders and rental invoices with seamless integration. Details


Manage work orders, trucker payables, scale house, inventory, equipment dispatching, and more seamlessly with EVENT. Details


Handle all aspects of Retail/POS such as subscription billing, inventory, front counter, and more. Details


Ready Mix handles multiple plants at one or more sites including seasonal and permanent locations. Details


Time Billing records both time and disbursements for the purpose of maintaining a work in progress database and the billing of clients. Details


Ability to effectively manage and control seafood processing operations. Details

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We Know Financial Accounting Software
Clients across Canada and the United States are putting the time saving features and efficiencies of EVENT SOFTWARE™ to work for them in their companies’ accounting and administrative processes.
45 Modules & Growing
At EVENT SOFTWARE™, we have a variety of core services available to help you get started in managing your real-time financial and business processeses.
Easy Integration
Integration is the key to success with our software. Any posting session can be updated to a number of destinations. A single A/P invoice, for example, can be expensed to any combinations of jobs, equipment codes and GL accounts, even if they belong to different companies.
Not all companies have the same business requirements. Don't pay for the modules you don't need. EVENT SOFTWARE™ is cost-effective and highly scalable.
Real Time Accounting
For a truly real-time financial and business management tool, with a multi-user, multi-company, multi-tasking design, contact EVENT SOFTWARE™.