About Us

A single point of entry with multi-point distribution

Clients across Canada and the United States are putting the time saving features and efficiencies of EVENT SOFTWARE™ to work for them in their company’s accounting and administrative processes. As developers, marketers and distributers of EVENT SOFTWARE™, we can take care of your requirements from start to finish as we know our product intimately.

Our name, EVENT, was coined from the fact that with our software, client reports and queries are as current as the last posting session (or event). Because everything is updated on a real-time basis, there are no month-end updates to run – simply month-end reporting.

Integration is the key to success with our software. Any posting session can be updated to a number of destinations. A single A/P invoice, for example, can be expensed to any combinations of jobs, equipment codes and GL accounts, even if they belong to different companies.

EVENT SOFTWARE™ is completely scalable, so it can grow when you do. It is sold based on the number of users and the number of modules needed, meaning small companies can get started without a huge capital investment.

In-house Design

All our modules are designed and built in-house. This means we know the software intimately and can provide unparalleled support. With 45 modules to choose from, we are confident that we can put together a package for your unique business needs.

“Municipal Group of Companies has been using Event Software for over 20 years. We greatly value the flexibility of the company to grow and adapt with our changing business needs. The fact they are a local company is an added bonus!”

Carl Vincent – Municipal Group of Companies